Training specialized to meet your goals

Our Trainer giving our clients a great workout

Your goals will guide the specifics of your training and workouts so we will include the necessary elements of weight training, cardiovascular training, core training, plyometric exercises and stretching as needed to most effectively and quickly reach your specific goals.

Your training and workouts will be scaled for where you are now and we will ramp up as your body and your mind are ready.

2x Per Week - You may need to do cardio outside of our personal training sessions depending on your goals.
Description: You want major results but your willing to take a little more time to get the results you want. If you want dramatic changes with 2x per week you may need to to some work outside of our training sessions depending on your goals.

3x Per Week - You do not need to do cardio outside of our personal training sessions but it may be encouraged to further dramatically increase results.
Description: You want incredible results and don't have much time to train yourself or won't train outside of our sessions. Even more incredible results with a little outside training. Don't be surprised if you lose 20lbs or more within a couple of months.

4x Per Week - You do not need to do cardio outside of our personal training sessions but at least 1 day outside of our sessions may be elective to unbelievably increase your results. 
Description: You want "over the top" results fast and you are ready to hit it hard. Your metabolism will spike and you will notice people doing a double take after glancing at you.

5x Per Week - You will not need to train outside of our personal training sessions.
Description: You are out of your mind! Your metabolism will go through the roof and you won't recognize yourself in 2 months. Anything and everything is possible when training to this Extreme!

I'll Do Anything! - "Intense" - Small group training 2x or 3x per week for 10 weeks. It’s a lot more fun to “sweat and swear” with someone that it is to do it all by yourself.

Description: Small group personal training for those that need to make changes fast and with the support and accountability of a group. You will still have the personal experience, but will have others to share it with!!