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SHAPE PLUS: Personal Training in Denver

Shape Plus personal training and fitness created the MMAP® Massive Multiple Action Plan that specifically details highly innovative workouts combined with our trademarked nutrition plan designed to get you on the fast track to a Dramatic Body Transformation and Amazing Results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Personal training sessions are not all that is in our program. In fact, we have more wrapped up in our programs than most personal trainers would even attempt to put into a program. We have perfected it over time and continually innovate our program to ensure the most individuals accomplish their ultimate goal.

Fresh, highly innovative workouts and continually making sure that our nutrition plan is appetizing and effective gives you amazing results. With unmatched support, reachability, and training on every weekday other than Christmas day we are always here for you. Since 2003 we have trained literally thousands of people and we have learned what “flips their switch” to make things different this time or their only time to reach out to a personal trainer!

Your personal trainer will lead you and teach you every step of the way. It’s much easier to follow through with a workout program when you are absolutely sure that what you are doing is going to give you exactly what you want. We know that if you get fitness results quickly then you will get the momentum needed to rocket you to ultimate success.

Our personal trainers have been part of something amazing so many times, but every time it’s different.

We want to do something amazing with you.

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