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We want to deliver amazing personal training results for you!

At Shape Plus, strength training, weight loss, body shaping and nutrition plans are designed specifically for your unique fitness needs. We can help you choose attainable goals and provide elite personal trainers to help you reach them.

Shape Plus personal training and fitness studio in Denver has created the MMAP® Massive Multiple Action Plan. Your personal trainer creates your MMAP® by first taking the time to fully understand your specific goals, then combining our highly innovative workouts with our trademarked nutritional plan. Our personal training program will get you on the fast track to a dramatic body transformation and amazing results in the shortest amount of time possible.

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  • Fitness Tip - Workouts for a big thick chest with your trainer

    Fitness Tip: Nothing impresses like a big, thick chest!

    Nothing impresses like a big, thick chest. Don’t know how to get one? You need these workouts! Everybody notices a big, thick chest. It doesn’t matter whether the guy is walking down the street or at the gym, when he goes by, everyone looks.  Let me give a few tips to developing the chest you

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  • Are squats good for you?

    Fitness Tips: To squat, or not to squat?

    We’ve all heard it at some point throughout our fitness journeys:  Squatting is bad for you… it ruins your knees… it wears out your back… it’s an unnecessary part of most workout regimens.  All of that certainly can be true if the only squat education you’ve ever believed was gathered from your

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  • Setting Fitness Goals – Not Limitations

    “Today, I’m not going to push it too hard at the gym. I’m just going to get it over with.” “I need a day off.” “Tomorrow will be different.” “Right now, my work/family/social life is more important.” Sound familiar? After you decide you aren’t going to “push it too hard at the gym” on Monday,

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